Lavender at Lida’s Barn, with Mary’s pot

Lavender at Lida’s Barn, with Mary’s pot.


Lavender at Lida’s Barn, with Mary’s pot

Lavender at Lida's Barn, with Mary's pot

I drew this pastel of Lida’s barn and field and the pot that Mary threw especially for lavender. I had fun drawing the checked table cloth I did two in greens and two in pinks. Maybe this will be in the 2014 lavender calendar?

summer and weeds

We finally got almost 1/3 of an inch of rain. Not enought to make pulling weeds easy – but we will take anything we can get!

Lavender Festival & Calendar

Well , it finally happened. Our festival was good – and ironic that the only rain we have had since April 15th came at 3:30 washing out most of our festival visitors – But the brave and inspired artists who were at my lavender wreath -making workshop, just kept working as the rain poured on them and they made beautiful wreaths!

My goal was to finish a 2013 Lavender calendar for the Festival, and I did. I now have it for sale here in Palisade and at my SummerSweetLavender shop on Can you figure out which image is which month?

Lavender and Dust

We are an inch behind on rain – usually 2 inches by april and we barely have one. Of course that doesn’t stop the weeds.

So even though I hate to rototill when the ground is dry, I have to get rid of the weeds. So yesterday I raised dust and plowed betweeen the rows. The rototiller and I are covered with dust – but the weeds are down in an official certified organic manner, and the 20 mile per hour winds today are having fun raising dust devils between the rows.

So today I get to do artwork – I need some more of bees and lavender for the bee festival in Palisade in 2 weeks.


Today is the last day of March. And thinking about my images for March in this year’s calendar – rain – and the fact that we haven’t had one drop this month! So for next year I need to show people watering their lavender. Irrigation is off in March, so it all has to be watered by hand.  I got the camera, and Gary my photographer, and my watering can. Flowering trees in the background and 82 degrees and windy. Absolutely abnormal. My hat kept flying off – which is”typical” of March, but that’s it. All the peaches, pears and apples are blooming. The apricots are done and I am hoping for rain of some king. But I do have photo references so I can do a March image that reflects the difficult realities of farming in a desert.

Remembering Summer

I’ve done four pastels of winter lavender fields and they were a lot of fun. I tried different things with colors – heating up the snow with pinks, cooling it off with aquas. Then I found a photo from my field in summer, with Neil the cat checking out under a plant. When I finished this pastel, I wasn’t happy with the foreground lavender – it just didn’t stand out enough, so I decided to try an oil painting. Not my forte, but I think I can make the tall lavender in the foreground pop out more, with paints. I’m working on the oil now, so I’ll see if I can get the effect I want.